Casio Watches South Africa

Casio is one of the most popular mid-range watches brands that create some of the highest quality watches today. The watchmaker deals with the creation, invention and production of all sorts of communication and electronic devices and its watches have several times represented features that the world has not seen before in the world of watches. Casio watches are some of the strongest in the world when you want to buy sports, explorer or divers’ watches for an affordable sum. This is also the case in South Africa, where Casio watches are extremely popular. Let us see some of the leading types of Casio watches alongside their characteristics and their availbility in South Africa.

Casio Computers Co. Ltd was founded in Japan in 1946 and it has became world famous for releasing the world’s very first all electronic calculator. Casio has continued to be a pioneer in the implementation of several new features also in its Casio watches by releasing Casiotron in 1974 which was the world’s first watch that included a fully automatic calendar and in 2000 it has released the first wrist watch in the world which featured a digital camera. OCW-S1000J, also called the Oceanus Manta, is the world’s thinnest solar powered chronograph watch with its thickness being 8.9 mm.

G-Shock: G-Shock Casio watches are the watches of Special Forces, soldiers, firefighters and everyone who needs extra safe watch due to profession.

Edifice: This watch is very popular for all those who do speed-related sports or any sort of racing with lots of extra features that are helpful for them.

Sheen: a superior style women’s watch Sheen is a great watch for all women who love punctual watches with lots of extra features that look elegant and pricy in the same time.

ProTrek: This is a real explorers’ watch which include all the special features and options which help for one lost in the wild.

Outgear: another great watch for those who love to explore or simply be or live in the country. The watch contains extra features special to this sort of lifestyle and these are diverse depending on main interest, such as fishing, hunting, marine or general sports watches.

Beside: this is a watch excellent for women. The Beside features an extreme quality watch paired up with an excellent vintage style outlook featuring an overly elegant bezel with fine leather straps.

Poptone: This is a real teenage watch that comes in pop style neon colours and destined to be one of the most liked watches by the younger generation.

Databank: A real Eighties’ watch is a signature style for Casio, featuring a pro-calculator and several cooperative counting and calculation features.

Futurist: this is a classic quartz clock for those who like fresh styles and trends, with lots of helping features.

PHYS: This Casios pro-athlete watch is one of the best on the market with lots of training functions. GPS and field calculations.

Prayer Compass: A special release of Casio solely for the Muslim users that comes with a built in compass and alarm that alarms users for the praying time.

Casio watches are sold by two core retailers in South Africa. One of these is called James Ralph Limited that has stores selling Casio watches in virtually every cities and regions of South Africa. The biggest online Casio watches seller in South Africa is called the Casio Shop that deal with the selling and repair of Casio watches on a high level.

Casio watches are widely sold in South Africa and mainly in the above-mentioned official retailers who also deal with warranties and retails. The prices of Casio watches are starts from R500, and you get quality and stylish wristwatches for this price. Choose from Casion watches collections depending on your exact interest and taste!
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