Fossil Watches

Fossil Inc. is a very special brand which deals with the production of watches and unlike most brands it’s based in the United States yet still manages to produce high quality watches, the higher quality of which are all made with Swiss movements. Let us look at the success story of Fossil and to the Fossil watch stores that are located in South Africa.

Fossil is a relatively young brand that apart from producing watches has also become an apparel and accessory producing company. Fossil Inc. was founded by the Kartsotis brothers based in Texas, where you can find the centre of Fossil until today. The company was founded in 1983 and has gained much of its success to its overly smart investment in buying up the quality Swiss watch producing company called Zenith, which by that time was on the verge of bankruptcy.

The company has gained a huge success in becoming the ultimate fashion watchmaker, with the ability to mass-produce watches to a large variety of markets in virtually the same time. Therefore, Fossil has become the main watch producer of lots of fashion design companies that wanted to came out with their respective watch collections from roughly the Nineties. Therefore, it is Fossil Inc that produces watches for such elite brands as Dolce & Gabbana, Donna Karan, Versace Watches, Michael Kors watches, Karl Lagerfeld. Emporio Armani, Adidas watches, Burberry and Marc Jacobs watches among other brands. Fossil Inc. today has another large emporium Timex as its main shareholder, which further helps to enlarge the already huge market of the company.

When talking about Fossil watches, it is natural that a huge range of diverse watches come to our mind and the brand has its almost alone standing quality to be able to produce a large amount of almost entirely different looking watches to the watch market. Therefore, Fossil has an exceptionally large range of collections today, which range from special or elite watches to mere fashion watches. Fossil Watches still belong to the lower price category watches and therefore, thanks to their quality, outlook and affordable prices, they are widely known and bought in virtually every country in the world.

Today we can differentiate the following collections of Fossil Watches:
For women: Colour, Rose, Steel, White, Leather, Gold-tone, neutral, interchangeable watches.
For men: leather dress, casual, steel dress, sport, mechanical, ceramic, watch boxes, interchangeable.

Newest collections, such as the Fossil Swiss are targeting the up-market watches brands and create a strong competition due to their Swiss watch movement and great designs.

Fossil watches are quite popular in South Africa and therefore they have a rather high number of Fossil watch retailers in South Africa, especially in Cape Town, Johannesburg (Pretoria) and in Durban, the three biggest cities in the country. Find Fossil watches in the following destinations per city:

Cape Town: V&A Waterfront, Canal Walk Shop 530, Cavendish Square
Johannesburg and Pretoria: Menlyn Park, Centurion Mall, Eastgate and Boksburg Shopping Malls
Durban: Galleria Mall Cnr Moss Kolnik, Gateway Shopping Centre Palm Blvd.

Find Fossil watches in South Africa in all the above-mentioned stores, which include all the latest designs of the great watch brands. Alternatively, you also have the chance to buy watches online from the website of Fossil Inc.
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